About Mrs. Maria Josten

Mrs. Maria Josten the noble women was witness to the devastation caused by the two world wars. At one point she knelt in front of Russian soldier and said: “shoot me and save me from this torture”. The picture of that women fleeing from her home walking 80 kilometers between strewn corpses, battle tanks and through thick snow……

Having lost her husband in the war, she walks through the battle field holding her son. And when she loses that son, Manfred, also at the age of three and half years, Maria Josten refuses to give into despair. But, when she remarries and enjoys a quiet and happy life, her second son Manfred dies at the age of 18 in a motorbike accident while holidaying with his friends. But even that doesn’t make Maria Josten crumble. Instead, she gathers strength and rises up from her miseries and moves forward, putting her trust in god

What happened after words in her life? Incredible…….? She got a new son from other continent. Through the intervention of the holy father Pope John Paul II

Maria Josten in Kerala with Kochupurackal Family of Kappumthala (1978) Dr. Jacob, Annamma (Mother), Joseph (Father) and Maria Josten

Pope John Paul II hands over Dr. Jacob to Maria Josten as a Son – 1980

Dr. Joseph Pallikkaparambil (Bishop of Palai) Dr. Joseph Pallikkaparambil

Dr. Josten, Mrs. Maria Josten &Mrs. Maria – St. Martin Church Dueren Birgel

Cardinal Rubin (Prefect of Oriental Congregation) Mrs. Maria Josten in Kochupurackal House

Mrs. Maria Josten and Dr. Jacob Josten Kochupurackal on the occasion of her 80th Birthday

Mrs. Maria Josten Lying in the Coffin on 25.2.2004

After the death of Mrs. Maria Josten her son Dr. Josten has written her Biography and published in many languages. This book gives a good picture of a century of German history. It is the toughing story of a mother’s love, tears, self confidence, unshakeable faith in god, heroism, farsightedness and dedication.

It is the story of a brave German woman who, scorched by the bolts of fate and plunged into a deep well of tears, mustered courage, scrambled up ashore and lived a holy life, putting her trust in Providence.