Mission & Vision

As a retired priest I would like a life of peace in prayer and meditation. Above all I will spend my time before the Holy Eucharist, and pray always: “may the Holy Eucharist be adored, worshiped, praised, glorified, thanked and respected the world over now and forever”

I have started to write my Autobiography with the title “Incredible” wherever I am I will tried to live with Christ for Christ and in Christ. And as much as possible I will help the poor and needy.

As a young boy I have asked myself why God the Heavenly Father allowed His only begotten Son to die a cruel death by shedding blood until the last drop? Until now none of the theologians has given a satisfactory answer to this question. I think in my biblical Novel “The International Highway to Heaven” presence a satisfactory reasonable answer to this.

This book also I present the meaning of the Soul. The reasonable answer you can find in my book The International Highway to Heaven Chapter I